What is Project Laya?

Project Laya is a brand new start up company which focus on the crypto currency niche. Over 10 specialists from Germany & Philippines works this majestic project. Project Laya have a concrete business plan until 2025 and beyond. Their Vision is to be a Billion USD worth Crypto Currency Company within the next 7 Years.

What is Crypto Currency?

Crypto Currency is “digital cash”. Bitcoin is the first digital currency in the world, created and held electronically. No one controls it, no one can forbid it, because it is within a decentralized Peer to Peer Network called Blockchain. A crypto currency works without Banks or Governments. It is anonymous, independent, safe and will change our life rapidly on the way we earn and spend.

What is Laya Token?

Laya is a decentralized Crypto Currency for Remittance anywhere in the world.  The Technology behind Laya is based on the Ethereum Blockchain.  The Laya Token was developed by experienced Bitcoin Pioneers and Blockchain Experts. Laya is not a simple crypto currency just like thousands of others flooding on the market, it is backed up by Project Laya and its multiple business affiliates.

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Our Global Brands

Development Roadmap

It is a pleasure to meet the schedule of our road map in time. We always provide our Costumers with an outstanding support and an unforgettable experience in our whole Project Laya Platform.

Q3/4 2017

Public Announcement

Q1 2018

Laya Token Crowdsale

Listing on Public Exchange Sites

Airdrop Platform & Network Opportunity

Q2 2018

Laya Academy

Country Agency in Philippines ( incl. Training Center, 2x Crypto ATMs )

Q3/4 2018

Laya Payments

( Mobile App, Crypto Currency Debit Card, Crypto Currency ATM, Crypto Currency Voucher Cards )

Q1 2019

Laya Merchants

Q1 2020

Laya Marketplace

Q1 2025

Laya Village
Public Exchange Partner