What is Project Laya?

Project Laya is a brand new start up company which focus on the crypto currency niche. Over 10 specialists from Germany & Philippines works this majestic project. Project Laya have a strict business plan until 2025 and beyond. They Vision is to be a Billion USD worth Crypto Currency Company within the next 7 Years.

Where is the Company Headquarter located?

The Headquarter based in the “Heart of Asia” Hong Kong.

Where is the Management from?

Our experienced Management are from Germany & Philippines.

Do you have a Country Agency?

Yes, it is currently under construction. We will Launch Q3 2018 the first visible Country Agency in the Philippines, Cebu CIty.

The Country Agency includes a Crypto Currency Training Centers & 2 Crypto Currency ATMs.

Top Leader are able to organize at the local office events or meetings with their team. This will strength the teamwork.

Free Drinks and Snacks are also provided for all Project Laya Distributors.

How can I open an Agency in my Country?

Top Leaders who reach the “Crown Diamond” in our Company have the possibillty to open a Country Agency.

We have following Requirements:

  • Minimum Age of 21 years.
  • Career Rank of “Crown Diamond”
  • Interview by our Management in Hong Kong
  • Office with min. 100 m2 space ( incl seperate Training Center ) 
  • Timetable from 40h per week
  • Offical Project Laya furniture Designs
  • 2x Crypto Currency ATMs


Do you looking for new team partner?

Yes, we are always looking for talanted individuals.

Currently we are looking for:

  • Graphic Designer – Location in Germany/Philippines
  • App & Web Developer – Location in Germany/Philippines
  • Office Worker – Location in Philippines

Please send us your application with references per mail: [email protected]

What is a Laya Token?

Laya is a decentralized Crypto Currency for Remittance to Developing Countries.  The Technology behind Lara based on the Ethereum Blockchain.  The Laya Token was developed from experienced Bitcoin Pioneers and Blockchain Experts. Laya is not a simple crypto currency like thousands others on the market, it is backed up by multiply Business Concepts…

For more Informations, please read our unique Whitepaper.

Will be Laya Token listed on Public Exchanger?

The Management will list Laya Token to major Crypto Currency Exchanger directly after the Crowdsale.

When does the Crowdsale begins?

The Crowdsale begins 8th January 2018 – 8th February 2018

Why should I invest in the ICO / Crowdsale?

Project Laya is one of the Best Opportuniy in the Crypto Currency Market. We have a strict Businessplan until 2025 and beyond. We are fully transparent and our Vision is clear, we want to build a Billion Dollar Crypto Currency Company until the next 7 years.

Now its your chance to be a part of us in the early development stage!

What is the Max Supply of Laya Token?

Total 8.000.000 (AYA) Laya Token 100%
Reserved 4.000.000 (AYA) Laya Token 50%
Crowdsale 4.000.000 (AYA) Laya Token 50%

What does a Laya Token cost during the ICO?

The price per Laya Token depends on the different stages you joined.

Every week, the price increase +$0.20.

  • Stage 1 – 1,000,000 Tokens – Price $0.80 / Token

  • Stage 2 – 1,000,000 Tokens – Price $1.00 / Token

  • Stage 3 – 1,000,000 Tokens – Price $1.20 / Token

  • Stage 4 – 1,000,000 Tokens – Price $1.40 / Token

What Crypto Currency do you accept in the Crowdsale?

We only aceept Bitcoin as payment option.

How long takes the distribution of the Laya Tokens?

The Laya Token will be distributed instantly to your Backoffice. You can withdraw your Tokens anytime you wish. We higly recomment the wallet from www.myetherwallet.com.

What happens with the unsold Laya Token?

All unsold Laya Tokens from ICO will be burned instantly by the Ethereum Smart Contract.

Do we need an account to participate the Crowdsale?

Yes! Everyone who like to join on our crowdsale need to sign up at Laya Lending.

Can we earn comissions during the crowdsale?

Yes! We offer a 10% Bonus during the ICO and everyone who joined after the ICO the Laya Lending Platform get an extraordinary Business Opportunity with a impressive career plan.

What is the Loyalty Program?

The Loyalty Program is a social community based Airdrop Platform, where Laya Token Holder can qualify for an additional free token bonus. The value of the token rewards depends from the external Company profits and will be credited instantly to the account.

When is the Launch?

The Loyalty Program will launch directly after the Laya Token Crowdsale

How can I participate?

You can register for free at network.project-laya.com

How is the token backed up?

The value of our token are backed up by the whole ECO System of Project Laya. We will also use 50% from our external income resources to rebuy AYA from the public market.

How much is an AIrdrop Package?

An AIrdrop Package cost 10 AYA.

How much can I earn per Airdrop Package?

You can earn upto 2% daily per Airdrop Packages, The daily reward depends from the company external revenue.

Do you guarantee any profits?

We cant guarantee any profits, because we are not able to predict the future.

How long is an Airdrop Package qualified?

An Airdrop Package mature at 11 AYA ( 110% Total ).

How much Airdrop Packages can i own?

Every account can own only 5.000 active Airdrop Packages

What is Laya Academy?

Laya Academy is one of our beloved part in this project. Everything begins by learning something new. We want to create an Academy where everyone learn all about ins and out crypto currency, so we can prepare them for the future. A humanity workplace, where we connect all kinds of people together from young to old and teach them about the new technology of Blockchain. We teach here, how to handle crypto currency, what are the benefits of using crypto currency and much more. Every Questions and doubts will be answered after finishing the Academy. We will also translate curriculum of the Academy in over 10 different languages so there will be no barrier to learn. Every participant will also receive a Certificate after completion of the course. We can turn the world to a better place, but first, it is our mission to teach everyone about the phenomenal technology of crypto currency. Don’t forget, Knowledge is Power!

When is the Launch?

The estimated Launch is Q1/2 2018.

Do you have more information?

More Information about this Project will be announced in the upcoming Whitepaper.

Does Laya Academy have a own Website?

Yes, you can visit the Website here  www.Laya-Academy.com

What is Laya Payments?

Laya Payments is a crypto currency payment provider which includes 4 different products.

Laya Payments - Mobile App

After our Laya Academy Launch, members will already know all the risk and benefits of Crypto Currency. The next Step is to provide the members an easy to handle tool, the Laya Payments App. The App will be available in the Apple Store & Google Play Store. Just register in three simple steps and your Laya Payments App is ready to use. You can send or receive Laya Token or virtual cash or exchange them for real cash on the current local rate. For receiving Laya Token or virtual cash, you only need to scan the QR Code and the transaction will be done instantly. Our Mobile Application will also include the highest security features. For example, the 3D Bio Identity scan, where you can unlock the App just with your Face or with your fingers scanned.

Laya Payments - Crypto Debit Cards

The Laya Payments Debit Cards are connected to the Mobile App. You can order your personalized Debit Card on the Mobile App. It’s a normal Debit Card and you can use them to withdraw money from an ATM or spend it thru shopping all over the world who accept card payments. All Transactions you made with the card will be visible on your App. That’s a great feature, because you can track anytime the usage of the card and have your financial always under control. We will offer three different debit cards. The Pearl White Card, the Prestige Black Card and the Red Oversea (Worker) Card. All Cards will have different benefits and limitations. One amazing benefit for the Red Oversea (Worker) Card Holder is that they will have zero fees. More Information about the Laya Payments Debit Cards will be announced soon.

Laya Payments - Crypto ATM

You read it right! We will place Laya Payments branded Crypto Currency ATM on every hotspot around the world. People can buy and sell Bitcoins & Laya Tokens for real Fiat Money, but this part cannot be done overnight. It is a long-term process. Our Goal is to place the first batch of our Crypto Currency ATM in the Metropole of the Philippines. Our Mobile App User can spot the place our ATM based with few clicks in the App. You can even start a walking route and you just need to follow the lines. Cool right? That’s not even all! Our Laya Cards Holder will have additional benefits simply by using our ATM. More Information about the ATM will be announced in an updated version of the Whitepaper or during an official local event from us.

Laya Payments - Crypto Voucher

We will also launch Crypto Currency Voucher, which can be purchased on verified local offline stores. It is like a scratch card to top up your prepaid phone card. You can also buy and redeem it online thru our  Laya Payments Website or our Mobile App and convert the voucher to Bitcoin or Laya Token based on the current daily exchange rates and will be instantly credited into your Wallet. The Crypto Currency Voucher is an important step to integrate crypto currency to the mainstream. It is also a perfect gift for every special occasion.

When is the Launch?

The estimated Launch is Q3/4 2018.

Do you have more information?

More Information about this Project will be announced in the upcoming Whitepaper.

Does Laya Payments have a own Website?

Yes, you can visit the Website here  www.Laya-Payments.com

What is Laya Merchants?

In the Year 2019, we will start to acquire local merchants all over the world, who will be accepting our crypto currency Laya Token as additional way of payment. Why? Because there will be many benefits for the merchant. Thousands of Laya token holders will be their new costumers. They wil also be a pioneer of merchants accepting crypto currencies and we will also offer free advertisement for every participating merchant in our network. Our Mobile App will also spot every merchant who are verified by us on a map with a description. We will also open our own exclusive Laya branded stores, where we accept 100% Crypto Currency based payments in all products and services we offer.

When is the Launch?

The estimated Launch is Q1 2019.

Do you have more information?

More Information about this Project will be announced in the upcoming Whitepaper.

Does Laya Merchants have a own Website?

Yes, you can visit the Website here  www.Laya-Merchants.com

What is Laya Marketplace?

Laya will also operate in the e-commerce sector like all other big players, but the main difference of what we do is, that we will operate the full marketplace system under the Blockchain Technology and control it with Smart Contracts. It will be a Zero Fee Crypto Marketplace and we will be the global pioneer! Business Owners and Individuals can sell their products or services online by accepting crypto currencies payments like our Laya Token or just bitcoin as usual. We are sure, that Laya Online Marketplace will be a true game changer in the e-commerce sector.

When is the Launch?

The estimated Launch is Q1 2020.

Do you have more information?

More Information about this Project will be announced in the upcoming Whitepaper.

What is Laya Village?

Laya Village will be our Final Prestige Project. This will be the 1st Crypto Currency Village in the world. We will build a futuristic, sustainable economy with a high-class living experience. A combination of Silicon Valley with the natural beauty of the Philippines. Laya Village is a pilot project which will provide a living without fiat money. The Estimate population will be 500 families. The Village will have everything you can imagine. Multiple Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Grocery, GYM, Laundry Service, Kinder garden and many leisure activities. We will even provide a free to use shuttle service. More information about this prestige project will be explained on a separate whitepaper.

When is the Launch?

The estimated Launch is Q1 2025.

Do you have more information?

More Information about this Project will be announced in the upcoming Whitepaper.

Does Laya Village have a own Website?

Yes, you can visit the Website here  www.Laya-Village.com